what we do

Miriam and I began this business after putting together the memorial service of a beloved local teacher and mother of mutual friends. We were able to bring comfort to family and friends, and also help translate the raw emotions of others into a shared, cathartic moment. We have long wanted to go into business for ourselves, but every idea seemed contrived. Suddenly, at the encouragement of dozens of people, we knew we had been shown our path. 

We do not book multiple jobs simultaneously. We believe it is an honor and a sacred responsibility to be present through the entire process, whether it be a commitment ceremony or a celebration of life. We are asking people to trust us to play important roles in events that are life altering and life defining. As a result, we likely do fewer events per year than other companies. 

what we don't do

We're not party planners. We focus on events that involve community, healing, celebration, honoring, and spiritual connection. We don't privilege one tradition over another. Miriam is an agnostic, I'm a Progressive Christian. What we share in common is a sense of service to our community and our clients. I perform more weddings for non-Christians than I do for Christians, but I bring the same dedication and sense of respect to all services I perform. If we feel we are not the right people to help clients, we will say so and help put them in touch with someone who is.

We know, whether we work an event or not, it should never be about us.