Officiating Services



Three tiers of service

1. Officiating only. Clients select a service from one of our templates or provide their own.
              Local, no rehearsal: $150.
              Local, with rehearsal: $2oo. 
              Travel, no rehearsal: $200, plus mileage.
              Travel, with rehearsal: $250, plus mileage
2. Ceremony design and officiating.  Add $100 to each of the price points above.
3. Full service. Clients can select two package options. 
A. Recommendations and contact information:                    we meet with the clients, determine the best                           options for location, food, music, etc., and                               provide contact information for the preferred                       vendors. Includes a service designed to                                    specifications: $400  

                  B. We handle everything: securing the venue,                         arranging food, music, flowers, etc. Clients                             are responsible for paying the contractors'                             rates, which are not part of our fees. Includes a                     service designed to specifications: $750.

memorial services and celebrations of life

We offer three tiers of service.

1. Officiating only. Clients will select a service from one of our templates, or will provide Aaron with one already written. No pastoral eulogy: $125. With pastoral eulogy, $250.
2. Service design and officiating. Clients will work with Aaron to craft a service that is specialized to the departed and aimed at providing catharsis for the bereaved.  No pastoral eulogy: $250. With pastoral eulogy: $350.
3. Full service. Clients will meet with Aaron and Miriam, who will make arrangements for all the details. This includes a tailored service, two pastoral care/spiritual direction appointments, and a eulogy or song. $750 

special services

Aaron is passionate about affirming the blessedness of each person, most especially those in the transgender community. He can perform name change ceremonies, blessings of gender-affirming surgery (pre- and post-), and spiritual direction at a reduced rate. Send us a message to discuss pricing.

Together, Miriam and Aaron form a band called Local Honey. Specializing in bluegrass and folk, they can provide music for services big and small. 

Coming soon: recordings and set lists.